There is No Charge to become a SmartActors Vendor! Capturing thousands of actors from all ages and skill levels, we help to sell your actor related products or services and bring more visibility to your business!

Please fill out our vendor form and get Smart today!

How It Works

Once Approved
your product/service will be added to the Smart Deals page, which actors use to browse and purchase deals. Orders are processed and managed by SmartActors.

After a Sale
Once a sale is made, you will receive a confirmation with the customer's name, email, and telephone number will be sent to you.

Answering Questions
We provide a Q&A for customers based on your provided common questions. Customers are able to ask additional questions within your deal. Questions will be received by SmartActors and forwarded to the vendor for an answer when necessary.

Receiving Payment
SmartActors manages and collects all payments. Once the  deals are sold through the shopping cart and processed,  we will deduct the SmartActors commission rate of 20% and send the balance of 80% to you via PayPal (If you cannot use paypal, please inform us on your vendor form) within 14 business days after your product has been delivered.

Pricing Your Sale
All vendors must be willing to offer a discount on their products. We recommend at least 30% for better product movement, but the actual discount amount is up to you!