We connect you with elite coaches for online acting classes (video acting tutorials), coaching (live one-on-one video sessions), and mentoring (live one-on-one video sessions) to simplify your life. Whether it be acting, dancing, singing or a little life coaching, we gotcha covered!


I'm Alexia Robinson, CEO and founder of SmartActors.com. You've seen me in Total Recall, Nutty Professor, Series regular roles including Savannah, Good News, The Young & the Restless, Guest star roles on CSI Miami, Malcolm and Eddie and more.

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Not only do I love the art of acting, but I love actors! I teach my own students in Hollywood, California, and in 2009, I found myself in my living room one morning with a great need to help actors from around the world receive the opportunity to train with Top Hollywood experts too. About 2 years later, we officially launched SmartActors.com.

Our Hollywood Award Winning, World Renowned, and Top experts really care about actors and share in the belief that we are doing something different ... something innovative to change lives and the face of the acting community.

We're here for you every step of the way and we're excited about helping you succeed. Continue to dream, because dreams really can become a reality!

Love, Alexia


SmartActors was created because we wanted every actor from every walk of life no matter where they live to have the opportunity to train with the world's best acting experts. We also hope that SmartActors would free up an actors time, in order to have more time to work on their craft by utilizing convenient modern technology like the internet.


SmartActors mission is to give actors the ultimate way to conveniently train from anywhere in the world at anytime with Hollywood's top and award winning experts. By training Smart, we believe actors will grow at a faster rate, which helps to give you the confidence and tools you need for your dreams to become a reality.


  • We believe that amazing and powerful things can happen for you if you work at it
  • We believe that being a brilliant actor is not an overnight profession, but can be achieved
  • We believe with excellent training you can stand out from the rest
  • We believe that you can be on the stage and accept an Oscar one day
  • We believe that dreams really can become a reality
  • We are SmartActors and we care

Even More About SmartActors

" Smartactors classes are simple, detailed and clear. I would recommend smartactors to everyone." - Chandra Arribo