Train actors via live one-on-one video sessions.

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Are you an expert in your field and passionate about teaching actors interested in acting, dancing and or singing?

If you are award winning, world renowned, or a top expert in the field of acting, dancing, singing, life coaching, networking, marketing | strategy, image | branding (hair, make up, wardrobe stylist, nutrition | exercise), we want to know more about you.

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and provide us with the needed documents so we can connect you with actors in need of training.
  2. We'll contact you once you've been approved.
  3. Set your own rate and hours.
Each expert is hand-picked based on current need.


What You'll Need SmartActors connects experts with actors around the world via live one-on-one video sessions. All you'll need is a smart device.

How Do Actors Connect Actors visit our site, look through our list of experts, and choose.

Once the actor chooses you, we notify you immediately and you and the actor will coordinate a time that works best for both of you.

Simple. Easy. Convenient.

Answering Questions Your profile will be created to handle most questions about your areas of expertise. Additional questions will be received by SmartActors and forwarded to you for an answer when necessary.

Receiving Payment SmartActors manages and collects all payments. Once the lesson has been completed, we will deduct the SmartActors commission rate of 20% and send the balance of 80% to you via PayPal (If you cannot use paypal, please inform us on your SmartExperts Application) within 14 business days after session has been completed.

Pricing Your Services All experts set their own rate. A SmartActors team member can help determine your pricing structure for your lessons, if needed.