Online Acting Classes: Susie Mains

Featured Class: Want More Auditions? Step Up the Action

Now you have an agent and/or manager, but you’re not getting as many auditions as you think you should have. In this online class for actors, Susie will tell you a little bit about what you can do to step your game...

Are You a Stage Mom

By Susie Mains - 06:25
Are you trying to figure out if you’re a stage mom? Mmmmm … Well in this online class for actors, Susie will tell you the signs, and then you decide for yourself. If you are a stage mom, you will be given strong and useful tools to help as you move forward in supporting your child’s career, not dominating it. If this seems a slight bit serious … funny thing about it ... really… it is...

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Agents & Managers Uncomfortable Situations

By Susie Mains - 05:21
You have an agent ‘and’ a manager. Great! But, they are like a man sporting heels... NOT a good combo! Awkward! What if ‘you’ don’t get along with your agent and or manager? Talk about awkward! This online class for actors will give you the info on how to nip these type of issues in the...

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