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Hey, you’ve taken acting classes, you’re great at your craft, and ready to rock and entertain the world. You believe in yourself and that what you offer has great VALUE. Your acting teachers and other folks all tell you that you have “star” quality and now all you need to do is just get a great agent. Simple right? Well it is simple and actually easy too…when you know how. I can help you get that agent…and not just any agent, the perfect one for you! Continue reading
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Jamila Allen
Essential tips every actor needs to know!

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What is an agent evaluating when considering you for representation? If you think it's strictly talent, think again! In this downloadable course you'll start to understand the marketplace, the money, where your talent fits in, and how to "promote" what you uniquely have to offer. You'll also discover how "branding" yourself is imperative so that you create a great first impression with both your headshot and resume as well as in person at an interview. We'll also cover preparing for the agency interview and learn the 6 essentials you MUST have in place BEFORE the meeting. You'll find out EVERYTHING else you ever wanted to know about finding the right agent for you! and many more things you've never even considered. Act Outside the Box and Lisa Gold are dedicated to teaching you what you don't know that you don't know - things hidden from your current viewpoint. Lisa is a professional actress and singer with over 35 years experience, is the founder and president of Act Outside the Box and a partner at Actors Connection for over 13 years, watching and listening to hundreds and hundreds of agents and casting directors! This collective background on both sides of the biz makes Lisa an EXPERT in the area of marketing for actors. Remember its show BUSINESS, not show ART!
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