Self-Tape Auditions

Professional Auditon Taping - Los Angeles

More and more people are asking for self taped auditions. We will bring your audition to life! Continue reading
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Jamila Allen
We are in the day and age of a very virtual world! A vast amount of auditions are now requested to be put on tape. Having a great quality video can make or break you getting an audition. This is really something every actor should invest in doing.

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Auditions are stressful but don't worry we are here to help. We will provide everything you need to put your best foot forward on your self tape auditions. We send your finished linked to you and whomever you like.
  • Located locally in Sherman Oaks, California
  • Secure environment
  • Simple background
  • We supply lighting, sound and a reader to work with
  • Great quality video
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