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Amazing Audition Technique Part I

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Now this series is a SERIOUS online acting class … So serious, it’s broken down like beach chairs into 3 parts! The techniques are drowned in “How to’s”, “What to’s” and “When to’s” before, during AND after auditions, and you thought Twilight left you speechless. Alexia has spent major minutes on the circuit with celebs, directors, producers and not to mention using her own acting experience to school you and that’s just Part I. Part II is like that roller coaster at MM you get on not knowing what to expect and it turns out to be your favorite ride! Now jamming into Part III it’ll snatch up Parts I & !! like a train caboose and pull it all together. If you can focus for 6 days and inhale this info like your favorite food, you’re already winning! Take it all in at your own pace… Enjoy it. Explore it. It packs more punch than Jet Li! Hope you’re ready.

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