Fear? It CAN be conquered.

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Fear… It can be conquered.

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Fears are only powerful because you make them. Everyone conquers fears differently, or in some instances…. Not at all. Well, here at SmartActors.com we take fears head-on. No room for FEAR up in here!

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At SmartActors.com we give you what you need to succeed. The courage you need to embrace your fears and the weapons you need to defeat them. We arm you with CONFIDENCE:

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We teach you FOCUS: Photo courtesy of muyiaokeola.wordpress.com


But MOST importantly…. We show you how to SUCCEED:

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At SmartActors.com we have the BEST of the BEST! Our online acting classes haveTop Agents and Managers Annie Schwartz and Susie Mains, Award winning Casting Directors Twinkie Byrd and Megan Foley, World renowned Coaches and NAACP nominated Director Alexia Robinson! That’s just the beginning.. These amazing coaches are available to you 24 hrs a day, 7-days a week! From just a click of a button on your PC, MAC or SMART phone these highly sought after coaches can be available to you!


Well, we are waiting on YOU… What are you waiting on!?!

SmartActors.com… Its where ALL the SMART Actors go!