Instructor – Denice Duff – Photographer

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Don’t end up with headshots that look more like “bottom” shots! Book Denice Duff in our SmartDeals section on and Save $ with one of the BEST! Top Photographer Denice Duff has been shooting artists for over 13 years. To add frosting to an already sweet cake, she’s also a make-up artist and a stylist. Talk about WHOLE packages! Don’t get stuck with pictures that cast shadows, or have your face so far away no-one but you know your eye color.

Not getting as many calls as you think you should be? Think you received a deal when you paid $40 for your pics? Well, take a look at your pics. Do they read Confident? No? What about relaxed or poised? No? Well, as Denice states “Your photo CAN get you can get through those casting doors”, and working for one of LA’s TOP talent agencies for 2 years, she should know! A picture speaks a thousand words. Let Denice be your voice!