Instructor – Megan Foley – Award Winning Casting Director

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Award winning casting director AND teacher Megan Foley KNOWS and HAS what it takes to be successful in this business. With over 20 years in the business under her belt she’s “Been there… Done that”. She will be the FIRST to tell you, it takes MORE than LUCK or who you KNOW to make it.  Devoted, not only to her career, she’s devoted to teaching you how to excel in this business while being a great person in this field all while having a HIGHLY lucrative career.
Discovering talent like Haley Joel Osment is just one of her many gifts. Along with casting everything from stage to celebrity campaigns with Jerry Seinfeld, Dennis Miller, and Shaq to feature films, commercials for Nestle, Cadillac, Claritin, Pizza Hut and American Express, to movies of the week, Megan is NO stranger to DEDICATION, DETERMINATION and DRIVE. Picture provided by

Taking it all in stride Megan uses her passion as her vessel to succeed. Working alongside directors and producers like Steven Spielberg (Transformers & Eagle Eye), Jason Alexander (Criminal Minds & Seinfeld), Ted Demme (Life & Blow) Megan knows FIRST hand the talent needed, bust most importantly WANTED and who wants what.

In the company she partners in with Chuck Marra, she can tell you in her own words “ We are on your side and want to GIVE you EVERY opportunity to be a success”. So, if you need coaching, want advice all on the up and up in THIS business, then look no further. Megan Foley has the answers you seek and the skills and drive you NEED. online classes where attaining your dream is literally just a click away.