So you got the audition…. Now what?

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So, you got the audition… Now what?


An acting audition is much like a job interview. You have to get that in your head. Doing well at an acting audition is the only way you will actually get the job or be remembered for other jobs down the line. While you never know what you might be doing at an acting audition (especially a commercial audition) there are some things you should never do. These are things that may just get you blacklisted from a casting director so they’ll never call you in again. Try explaining that one to your agent…

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Be ON TIME! By “Be on time”…  Arrive EARLY! Nothing is more of a turn-off than a LATE actor! It’s careless and disrespectful. Being late could cause the Casting Director to 1.) Not even bother with seeing you audition or 2.) Allow you to audition, but keep in mind that you were LATE not really giving you a shot…. Can you blame them? It cannot be stressed ENOUGH…. BE.. ON.. TIME! You are a PROFESSIONAL!


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BE PREPARED! You think being LATE is BAD?! Try showing up not having a clue as to what’s going on? Know your role… Your lines… Know who’s casting… Do NOT socialize in the holding area… FOCUS.. FOCUS.. FOCUS..


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Bring your Headshot & Resume: Make sure you always have your headshot and resume with you. It doesn’t matter that they’ve seen your photo before. Maybe they didn’t even see it. Your agent may have called you in. So they need to see and keep it! Also, make sure your resume is ALREADY attached!

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DO WHAT YOU CAME TO DO: Don’t make excuses.. No, No, No!! They’ve heard them all! All they want to hear is your AUDITION!! Memorize your lines, Don’t chat it up with others waiting. Remember, you’re there for the SAME job and you need to be focused and on point! Lastly, don’t talk to OR approach the people you are auditioning for (Unless told to do so). You aren’t there to make “besties” you’re trying to book a gig. So do what you’re there for…. AUDITION!

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BE RESPECTFUL: There’s no reason to be rude. Everyone is just there to do their job and nothing more. Respect everyone, the other actors, the assistant and the casting director themselves. EVERYONE! Photo courtesy of



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