What?! You’re not a SMART Actor?!

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You're NOT a SMART Actor yet? Say WHAAAAAAT!?!?! What are you waiting for. The most sought after Top Pros in the industry are HERE..... NOW..... WAITING for YOU! Yes... YOU!!! Award winning Casting Directors Twinkie Byrd and Megan Foley are just 2 of the AMAZING Coaches that are available to you 24/7... Yes, ALL DAY... EVERY DAY!

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So, when you are READY to SHARE your talent with the REST of US... We are RIGHT here waiting on you. Oh, and get this... We are available ANYTIME... From ANYWHERE! From the comfort of, well, WHERE EVER  you are!! Log into your Mac, PC, LapTop or SMARTphone and VOILA! There WE are with YOU... Magic... Not really, but we do LOVE that catchy little diddy.. "Oh-Oh-Oh.. It's Maaagic, you knooow" .

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