Just when you thought you knew it all…..

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Thousands of people – young, old, and in between – are looking for ways of breaking into acting right now. Stop waiting for a return phone call, or for a friend on the "inside" to help you out, OR wait for that "PERFECT" moment to get started.

What's with ALL the WAITING?!?! Do things that NO-ONE else can do to get YOUR career under way now.

1. Don't treat it like a "job"... This is YOUR Career!!

COMMIT now! Start investing at LEAST one hour a day towards your acting career. It takes work. Remember, it’s called “SHOW BUSINESS!

Don't be amazed at how much you can accomplish with such a small amount of DAILY time invested. AMAZING things happen when you put forth the EFFORT.Photo courtesy of sociablesusan.blogspot.com


1. Read papers ~ Books like Variety and Backstage can be VERY informative and also filled with auditions for the currently unrepresented.

2. People watch ~ Wacthing people can help you in finding YOUR characters.

3. Keep yourself informed! Stay up on the latest buzz in the industry.. Now, to CLARIFY, we don't mean, "who dumped who" or "who's wearing what", because let's face it... It has NOTHING, ZERO, ZILCH to do with....? Are you pointing at yourself? Then you are correct... YOU. Nothing to do with YOU!

4. Get trained! Get TRained! Get Traiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiined! Did I say.. GET TRAINED? Well, if nothing else, being trained by PROFESSIONALS is the ABSOLUTE best thing you can do for yourself... Your Career!

So, we are here waiting on YOU.... What are you waiting for?

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