Get Started in the Acting Business

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How to Get Started in the Acting Business

You want to be an actor or actress…but where do you even start? How do you get started? Where do you get started?

Get Started

Well, here are some things to help you get started.

First, consider your skills.

Do you have a special talent? Can you sing or dance?
Do you know what type of acting you are interested in such as stage, film, or TV?
Are you okay with rejection?
Are you going to give it your all?

If you have answered these questions, are willing to work hard, and still want to get into the acting business, you’ve got the basics.

Second, get experience.

If you are in school, this will be easy – participate in a school play. Every role is crucial to getting experience, even minor roles. If you aren’t in school, try looking for a local theater.

Next, take a class.

Taking a class (like at SmartActors) helps you decide if this is really for you. It also helps you gain experience. These classes may even lead you to join drama groups or improv groups.

Join and Audition.

Join theater groups and audition for every role – even auditioning gives you more experience.

Study, study, study!

Study your art. Take all the classes you can, get some private coaching (Skype coaching is available at SmartActors), and practice.

More experience.

If you want more experience, try looking at student films and finding more auditions.

Get an agent.

You have experience! Now you can get an agent or a manager. Have someone there to help guide you and book auditions. They aren’t a necessity, but can be helpful. If you can’t get an agent, don’t be discouraged. You have done all the hard work so far. You can also be the one to break into a professional acting career without an agent.

Don’t give up.

Keep pursuing auditions (both those that you found on your own and those that your agent found). Take classes, join drama groups, work hard.

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