Annie Schwartz
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Annie Schwartz

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Top Agent

Annie Schwartz was born into the business, her mot... Read More

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Annie Schwartz was born into the business, her mother a talent manager, and father a producer/director. At the age of 17, Annie began working as an assistant at a boutique talent agency, while she finished high school. Annie learned hands on how to run an office, nurture clients, read material, pitch clients and make deals and discovered a true passion for the process. Since then, Annie has worked as an associate producer at Paramount Studios on a variety of sets, such as Gary Marshall's sitcom "Happy Days". Two years later, she was hired by Nicole David, one of the owners of Triad Artists, which became one of the most powerful agencies of its time. Working with Jenny Delany in the television department, Annie witnessed hands on the start of many of today’s superstars, including, Bruce Willis, Mariska Hargitay, William Hurt, and many more. After working at JS&A for a year and a half, Annie opened up her own agency with a partner. They combined genuine enthusiasm and energy for the business and a similar work ethic and origin was born. Eleven years later, origin has diversified its talent agency. Origin represents actors, producers, writers, directors and hosting, along with reality television shows.         .  

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Actor Reviews

I could not have a better agent than Annie Schwartz. She has taken me beyond my wildest imagination . . . . to bigger dreams than I'd thought possible. She and her staff of Tim and April are just absolutely the VERY BEST and I feel so blessed to have them working on my career!!!!!
Sharron Hammer, Talent-Commercial/Print

Industry Reviews

Enthusiastic, determined and utterly fearless, Annie Schwartz is an extraordinary talent expert and entrepreneur. As a savvy business woman, she blends her expertise and knowledge of the entertainment industry with her passion, commitment and finally honed sense of what works. I have literally watched her and her team change lives and it's a beautiful thing to see. She's the best!
Deborah Leoni, Producer
Annie is an awesome talent expert. She's very loving, dedicated and nurturing towards actors. She knows what it takes to succeed.
Stephanie Aleksanyan, V.P., SmartActors
If you are looking for a talent expert who knows the business inside and out, Annie Schwartz can guide you with her exceptional industry know how from getting an agent to being a successful working actor. She's incredible to me.
Alexia Robinson, CEO, SmartActors

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