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Benson Simmonds

Award-winning Actor and Celebrated Acting Coach

Award-winning Actor and Celebrated Acting Coach

Benson Simmo... Read More

Award-winning Actor and Celebrated Acting Coach

Benson Simmonds is an award-winning actor and celebrated acting teacher and coach. He has been teaching for over 18 years, coaching hundreds of actors to principal and series lead roles in television, film and theater.Benson combines the best elements of the Ivana Chubbuck technique with his own unique method of helping the actor come from a place of JOY, creativity and freedom.Benson has held sold-out workshops and seminars in every major city in Canada as well as New York City. Benson has been hired to be an on-set acting coach for Network Pilots (including SONY) as well as numerous independent pilots.Benson won awards for his acting in Canada and is also an award-nominated writer and filmmaker. His first award-winning short. Applaud or Die was sold to 3 networks and continues to garner awards and accolades! Benson is known for his ability to inspire actors to give great confident auditions by personalizing their characters needs and objectives. He has the uncanny ability to identify what will ignite each individual actor's passion and enable them to be "on fire" at their auditions and on set. Benson also helps the actor find the humor and depth in every character and every audition.His long-awaited MASTER YOUR AUDITION downloadable video has been sold to thousands of actors all around the world, from India to Europe, the middle East and Australia. You can also purchase this in The SmartActors Marketplace. He has also written a top selling marketing book entitled POWER UP YOUR ACTING CAREER and is a contributing writer to  

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Bensons class Power Up Your Acting Career is featured in our SmartDeals Marketplace. When you ask most actors what their goals are, they almost all reply saying, ‘I just want to work″ This is precisely why so many actors spend years being frustrated and fail to create the career of their dreams. In order to succeed, every actor needs to have a focused, specific and individualized marketing strategy. Contrary to what you may have heard, in Hollywood it’s NOT about who you know, but WHAT YOU KNOW.
Benson's youtube class "Benson Simmonds Acting Lesson 1 - for auditions and on set - get the x-factor" has had over 80 thousand views.
L.A. acting coach Benson Simmonds here to boost Tampa talent
Benson has been published on Daily Actor 6 times since 2010.

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Industry Reviews

This guys is really seasoned.
Stephanie Aleksanyan, V.P., SmartActors
Benson is really on top of things!
Alexia Robinson, CEO, SmartActors