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Bryan Rasmussen

Top Acting Coach

Top Acting Coach

After receiving his B.A. in Theater from Ca... Read More

Top Acting Coach

After receiving his B.A. in Theater from Cal State Long Beach, he attended both the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco and South Coast Repertory on scholarship and was a company member when SCR won the Tony Award in 1985.In addition to acting, he's also an accomplished director, producer, and teacher. He has lived in LA since 1982 when he did “Equus” at the CAST with Mark Travis. After attending SCR and ACT acting conservatories, he returned and began creating theatre in LA. He founded the Itchey Foot Cabaret where he worked on many new works and learned how to produce creatively financially. He's produced over 100 pieces of theatre and acted in over 50 plays and directed 20.        

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Bryan Rasmussen was a featured writer for LA Stage Times

Actor Reviews

Amazing man. Super intelligent and knows how to guide you to your right path.
Kristen Marquez

Industry Reviews

Bryan is a wonderful man and an excellent acting coach. He also owns a theatre (Whitefire) in Studio City that's been around for decades. This speaks to his passion for the arts and for actors. I love him.
Alexia Robinson, CEO, SmartActors
I met Bryan awhile back and he's really a caring person and great with on-set tips for actors to helping actors do well on their auditions.
Stephanie Aleksanyan, V.P., SmartActors