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Chuck Marra

Elite Talent Expert

Chuck Marra has been a partner with Megan Foley Casting for 20 years a... Read More
Chuck Marra has been a partner with Megan Foley Casting for 20 years and primarily handles the Theatrical projects. He is a method trained actor who studied at NYU under Lee Strasberg, Harold Clurman, Barbara Covington and in LA with Salome Jens and was a member of the West Coast Ensemble. He also studied Shakespeare with Ada Brown Mather and improv at the LA Connection. He has worked in NY and LA in commercials, film and has appeared in theaters all over the country. He has also worked in casting and production for 20 years so he has an amazing knowledge of the working side as well as the artistic side of the industry. Chuck recently founded and became the Artistic Director of The Lake Arrowhead Repertory Theatre Company, where he has directed 25 mainstage productions in the last 4 years. He continues to teach his Friday Acting Class (formerly known as The Project) in Los Angeles. Those of you who have worked with him, know his passion and enthusiasm for the art of acting is only surpassed by his knowledge and ability to convey it.                    

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Chuck Marra and Megan Foley love giving back to the community. Foley Marra Casting is a huge supporter of Lake Arrowhead Repertory Theatre Company (LARTC).
Foley Marra Casting has cast commercials for "Coppertone" multiple times.
Foley Marra Casting has cast multiple commercials for "Pizza Hut."

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Industry Reviews

For on-camera work and cold reading, Chuck Marra is one of the best! He's also great at helping actors nail their auditions.
Alexia Robinson, CEO, SmartActors
What can I say other than, the man is great!
Stephanie Aleksanyan, V.P., SmartActors