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Gary Levingston

COO, SmartActors | Top Expert

COO, SmartActors | Top Expert

My goal is to help you un... Read More

COO, SmartActors | Top Expert

My goal is to help you understand your true worth and value, how to accept change, and move forward. Additionally, I can provide you with clear guidance to help you improve your personal and professional needs, in order to live a healthier, more fulfilled and prosperous life.

Gary has conducted various local and national speaking engagements in front of thousands, helping people define, set, and achieve their goals through motivation and encouragement. Growing up, he was surrounded by creative and talented people in the entertainment and sports industry. Tina Turner was like a second mother and mentor and famous Dodger, Willie Crawford was his uncle. He is also the Chairman & CEO of Gary Levingston Productions, LLC where he oversees the company’s films and theatrical productions where he has had multiple successful hits and numerous NAACP awards for his productions. All of this fueled his passion for helping others in the entertainment industry as well as high profiled sports figures via life coaching.

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Gary Levingston is the director, producer, and writer of the short documentary film Jesse Belvin: Mr. Easy, an official selection at the SDBFF and was nominated for ‘Best Short Film 2014.
LA Times featured Gary Levingston for his production of "For Colored Girls."

Actor Reviews

In addition to learning how to become better at our craft, we need to have someone to bounce our feelings off of to stay emotionally strong. Many times after a rough audition, we question ourselves and our abilities. Sometimes we have blocks and lulls during the audition and booking process. Sometimes we just need positive support to keep us in the game. Gary helps with all of that and is a strong source of support to all of us in the entertainment field.
Stephanie Aleksanyan, V.P. SmartActors
Gary Levingston is a high organized, motivated individual who leaves no detail uncovered. I loved having him on set - his positive energy radiated everywhere and was always quick to manage an issue before it became an issue - he is the ultimate problem solver. Gary is someone you want on your team - trustworthy, consistent, hard working and a bundle of fun!
Evita M. Castine, Emmy Award Winning Director
Gary has the ability to understand where you’re at in life with no judgments. He creates a step by step plan for healing and taking you wherever you want to go in life.
Sarah T. Lewis, Actor

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Industry Reviews

Gary is an outstanding COO and life coach, whose leadership and entrepreneurial spirit has helped foster the growth and development of SmartActors. His enthusiasm with actors is infectious and pushes us all to contribute our very best to whatever we do in life.
Romeo Rubio
Those lucky ones who have the fortune of working with Gary will be better for it. His leadership qualities are impeccable. He's driven, inspiring and motivating! His guidance has helped me personally for many years and I consider him as one of my mentors.
Chris Savoy, Pilot