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Intro to Magaly’s Holistic Acting Class

The process I am g... Read More

Intro to Magaly’s Holistic Acting Class

The process I am going to share with you is a self-awareness process, which leads to a more malleable more receptive instrument. The quicker you can identify the personal blockages that are manifested by external and internal triggers …the quicker you can own the success that is your right as an actor.

Your spirit, mind, and body - these are the tools/instruments you are working with as an actor. So, if you have blockages which are impeding your from fully realizing moments of truth in the work that make for a great performance…a great audition…you need a spirit, mind, body technique which make those obstacles nothing more than a distant memory.

Your mind is so powerful. We will reference the emerging research on the neuroplasticity of mind – a field of study that affirms that we have the ability to alter the structure and function of our brains, which then allows us to alter our daily lives. We will employ ancient (yoga, pranayama breathing, affirmations, mantras) and modern techniques (The Feldenkrais method, creative visualization, etc.) with one aim – to recharge your mind, and reignite your brilliant create energy.

This process involves learning and adopting a series of daily exercises designed to change your mind, and therefore your career. Change your mind, and therefore change your approach to acting. Change your mind, and therefore change your life.

Success requires a few key ingredients – desire, love, and faith. If you have a burning desire to change your life; if you have a deep-seated love of the craft; and if you have faith that you were born to touch the hearts and minds of people – then you have the most elemental characteristics to change your life and your career with my guidance.

Albert Einstein, one of the greatest minds of our times said, “doing the same thing and expecting different result is the definition of insanity. “

You deserve a different result. Join me and try something new.

Certified Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Teacher

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Actor Reviews

Magaly is a dream. She taught me how to use what I already had, showed me what I didn't know I had, and got me headed in the right direction in regards to commercial acting very quickly, and in a way that was integral to my values. I actually started booked good paid union jobs not long after working with her. We worked together on and off over the course of several years and I look forward to working with her again.
Douglas Davis, VP - Easy Digital Inspections From Start to Finish
Magaly is a fabulous inspiration to many, including myself! She always has new creative ways to solve any problem you may bring to her with great enthusiasm. I hardly ever use the word extraordinary, but that encompasses her work ethic and the essence of who she is! Magaly is fun, challenging and wonderfully smart, it is always such a pleasure to work with her!
Amber Leone Murphy, Author/Entrepreneur/Inspirationalist

Industry Reviews

As a first time writer, I took a big risk the evening of Saturday, June 18, 2011. Never hearing my words spoken out loud before, Magaly refuted every ounce of fear and doubt I had in my work. Her words were penetrating and filled with emotional truth. A powerhouse actress, months later people still ask me who was that woman? I received feedback from people who didn't know me or the story, but they knew a passionate, fiery actor when they saw one. That actor was Magaly. I thank her for molding herself into my character that night, lifting her voice from the page, giving it as a gift to everyone in the room that night.
Nehanda Loiseau, Founding Member of Border of Lights
She's brilliant!!!!! The consummate professional! A joy to work with a pleasure to be in an ensemble with, to be directed by...To work production with! Cant wait to work with her again, It's a pleasure and delight!
Penwah Phynjuar, BLACKTRESS
It was so fun to work with Magaly during the shooting of the show BN4Real. I admire her unrelenting drive and energy on such a huge endeavor and her strict attention to detail. She made sure than when we walked off you had the feeling of having had a fun, rewarding and accomplished day. I hope to work for her again and again.
Edward O'Blenis, Entertainment Professional

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