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Stephanie Aleks

V.P., SmartActors | Top Acting Expert

V.P., SmartActors | Top Acting Expert

V.P. of SmartActors, S... Read More

V.P., SmartActors | Top Acting Expert

V.P. of SmartActors, Stephanie Aleksanyan is native to Hollywood, CA. As far back as she can remember, all she's ever wanted to do is become an actress. She has starred in several indie films and recently filmed a short called "Gods Children." Stephanie has been training with World Renowned coach, Alexia Robinson for several years and takes great pride in helping other actors dreams come true.        

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This expert is usually available between 7 AM and 9 PM PST Monday – Sunday

Actor Reviews

If you want a coach who really knows her stuff, Stephanie Aleksanyan is one of the best!
Jenny Nalbandian
When I look for a great coach, I want someone with a lot of industry knowledge in more areas than just the work. Stephanie has experience across the board from taking a script apart to even image and branding for the actor.
Marine Devoltyan
Stephanie is excellent in bringing out the details in an actor’s work. Whether it’s for scene study, auditions or cold reading, your piece will be rich and full of life after working with her!
Sarah T. Lewis
Stephanie's hands-on, 'guiding' method of teaching really makes the actor to think and grow into their own quickly! The way she leads me through character development & scene breakdowns with questions, but without directly suggesting my choices helped me to learn what my own process is as an actor. I highly recommend her for actors of all calibers, especially those beginners who are ready to grow rapidly!
Sara Hannett, Actor
Sometimes as an actor, it may feel right when I'm doing it only to realize that I overlooked specific details needed to book the job. That is why I refer to Stephanie when I need help with my auditions or particular characters. She's on it!
Ani Minasyan
Having an impeccable instructor is what every actor needs! Stephanie is that instructor. Her ability and willingness to coach each actor using methods tailored to their individual learning style shows her genuine dedication and commitment to the success of her students.
Victoria Hannett, Actor
Stephanie is a great actor and friend. Her calm personality allows you to really trust and let go, whether you're working with her one on one or simply asking advice.
Scott Cullen, Actor
Stephanie Aleksanyan is a very sweet and knowledgeable person. She's a great listener and gives the best advice when it comes to auditioning. The advice she gives are those you'll live by every time you walk into an audition.
Kristen Marquez, Actor
My daughter, Tess Aubert, had the great opportunity to work with both Alexia Robinson and Stephanie. She learned so much from these wonderful teachers. Alexia and Stephanie know what they're doing. They are the experts when it comes to on camera acting. They focused a lot on relaxation and the characters' background. Alexia and Stephanie are not only good teachers. They are also very encouraging. My daughter cannot wait to do more work with them. We are so thrilled we were able to coach via webcam as well.
Tess Aubert, Paris, France

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Industry Reviews

Stephanie is trustworthy, loving, intelligent, loyal and optimistic. I'm glad to be a part of her life
Norik Khanbabian, General Manager, SmartActors
If you love punctual, determined, creative, out of the box thinkers, who are also honest, loyal, good with business and caring, you'll love Stephanie.
Aren Vartanian, Friend of 10 years
Stephanie is a very kind, patient, thoughtful and intelligent woman. She knows how to deliver a message in a clear, concise manner in order to help actors grow.
Gary Levingston, COO,
Stephanie is a brilliant actress and her notes as an expert is spot on! She's very loving and caring. Anyone who trains with her will be in for a treat.
Alexia Robinson, CEO, SmartActors

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